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Double Spur Outfitters offers guided hunting experiences through the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We offer a dream hunting experience in your quest for bear, turkey and whitetail deer. We also offer 4 miles of private water for the ultimate trout fishing experience on Cedar Creek. Double Spur Outfitters, is Star Tannery, Virginia's, premier hunting guide service. Operating exclusively on private and national forest land that is located in the heart of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, it is a sportsman's paradise. If you are hunting in Virginia, and looking for the best place to book your guided deer, bear, or turkey hunt, look no further than Double Spur Outfitters. At Double Spur we have exclusive access to hunt more acres and offer a wider variety of hunting options than any other guide service in or around Star Tannery, Virginia.

Double Spur Outfitters is not your ordinary guide service that takes all customers to the same spot day after day. At Double Spur Outfitters we have access to over 22,000 acres of private and national forest land that is nestled in the heart of Virginia's world famous Shenandoah Valley. You will not find another outfitter operating exclusively on more property than we do as we are the only licensed guide for George Washington National Forest. That fact alone is one of the biggest keys to our success. Another fact that should be considered when choosing a hunting guide is convenience. Double Spur Outfitters is conveniently located 2 hours west of Washington, DC, and 1 1/2 hours from Dulles International Airport. When the season opens, hunters from Virginia and from states all over the country flock to this area to hunt.

When you are hunting with Double Spur Outfitters you are hunting in what is considered to be the very best area in the state because of the abundance of land, both private and public. This place is the area that you read about, it is the area that is talked about, it is the spot you want to be if you are hunting in Virginia. Hunters from across the U.S. and Europe have come to love and trust Double Spur Outfitters for more than just a hunting experience - but rather a great, family-friendly relationship between hunter and outfitter.

"We offer cost-effective and customized hunts with a knowledgeable and experienced staff. We ensure not only success, but a great experience."









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What our customers are saying...

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Roel Mancha

"Had an awesome 2017 bear hunt as I was able to tag out on a great black bear on the first day of my hunt! Levi and Double Spur Outfitters have come through on a great memorable hunt. Thank you DSO for putting me on my first black bear. The fishing was awesome too!"

Dan Pack

"I am a multiple repeat customer of the Double Spur Outfitters and I can't say enough good things about them. Levi is a fine young man and he goes out of his way to make sure you have the time of your life while up there with him. I have gone so many times I am starting to feel like family. Levi knows he has a booking from me every month. Highly recommended."

Elizabeth Pennell

"As someone who has hunted northern Black Bears over bait for almost a decade, the experience with Double Spur was an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. Why unexpected? Many people I've heard from over the years talk about how easy hound hunting is - just let the dogs do the work and sit back. Not sure where those folks were hunting, but the entire crew of Double Spur - 3 dog teams and 7 guides, worked every opportunity across a wide range of otherwise inaccessible territory to offer me the opportunity to shoot my first Virginia Black Bear. It was an astounding experience, and I can't thank them enough. These guys are tough, courteous and professional. I highly recommend this hunt, and I plan to book it again!"

Gabe Gaurino

"Took my 9 year old son out on a bear hunt with Levi, we headed up to the mountain the night before the big hunt and stayed at one of his cabins.  The next day we woke up early and went for our guided bear hunt with a pack of dogs. After a few hours the dogs found a trail and started chasing, wow the excitement was incredible. Shortly after hiking towards the dogs the GPS showed they already had a bear up in a tree. Wow by the time we got there it was on top of the mountain, the dogs surrounding the tree and sure enough the bear was up there with just the perfect shot opportunity, now that was a site that most people will never see in there life time."

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