Guided Deer Hunting

To ensure our guests a quality hunting experience, we spend all year scouting the thousands of acre's we control in northern Virginia. We track the animals and their habits using cameras as well as by going into the woods and fields and watching the animals and learning their behaviors. By doing this, we stay on top of deer patterns and movements and can put our hunters in the places needed to ensure success.Spring finds us shed hunting - looking for "White Gold" - the prized antlers of bucks that have made it through another season. 

Trophy Class

Deer numbers are on the rise and it is common to see multiple deer on any given day.We want our young bucks to reach maturity so we we ask hunters to be selective in their approach to their kill. We want you to kill a mature buck in the 2.5 to 3.5 year old range, when they've reached their full potential. Every year large bucks are harvested in and around this region of Virginia. Our land has many of these trophy deer, and if you have the patience to pass on the young ones, you might get a shot at a Virginia giant.

Fertile Hunting Land

We lease and own tracts in many counties all across northern Virginia and western Virginia, covering more than 22,000 acres in this wonderful hunting region. This region of Virginia, is known for grass fed cattle and other livestock. The minerals and nutrients that grow great cattle also grow great deer!From fertile farm land to heavy timbered draws, to open pastures and tree choked fence lines. Creek bottoms lined with White Oaks or an occasional grove. Find covered hill tops or scattered cedar thickets all in a single hunt. 

All Terrain

The varying terrain provides the ample minerals and nutrients that it takes to produce trophy class buck.Rifle and archery hunts are available and can be customized to meet your demands. The rut is generally the first two weeks of November and is considered by many to be the best time to hunt buck and have success.We install hundreds of acres of spring and fall food plots each year - all of which are strategically placed for bucks to feel comfortable during daylight hours, and to provide the deer with added nutrition throughout the year.





Self-guided 3 day deer hunt:

* 3 days hunting, 3 nights lodging

* Runs from 1st Saturday in December to 1st Saturday in January - may change based on VA deer season

* Hunters are shown stands and farm to hunt on

* Hunters are responsible for getting deer out of woods and to processor on own

* 1 deer limit

* 3 day self-guided hunt is $750 per person

Semi-guided archery hunts are 3 or 6 days long:

* 3 Day Deer - $1,500

* 6 Day Deer - $1,950

Semi-guided muzzleloader deer hunts are 3 or 6 days long:

* 3 Day Muzzleloader Deer - $1,500 (3 Day is a buck or a doe)

* 6 Day Muzzleloader Deer - $1,950 (6 Day is a buck and a doe)

(These hunts will run during the first 2 weeks of November 2023 during rut)

Semi-guided rifle deer hunts are 3 or 6 days long:

* 3 Day Rifle Deer - $1,500 (3 Day is a buck or a doe)
* 6 Day Rifle Deer - $1,950 (6 Day is a buck and a doe)

(These hunts will run during the last 2 weeks of November 2023)

What is included in a semi-guided hunt?

* Hunters are taken to and shown hunting area(s) and stand(s) on the evening before your hunt starts

* Hunters are then responsible for getting to and from hunting area(s) and stand(s) for duration of hunt

* Hunters can bring their own stands if they choose to, but stands are on land

* We will assist with the retrieval of game from woods and getting to processor

* No meals are provided/there is a full kitchen in every cabin

* Cabins sleep 4-6 hunters

* Hunts will be private land

* All prices shown are per hunter and include lodging