Types of Trips

Double Spur Outfitters' Fly Fishing offers full (8hrs) and half day (4hrs) trips on our very own Cedar Creek. With 4 miles of private water that include long flats to drift dry flies, or quick water to try wet flies and nymphs, there is plenty of fishing to try. From the beginner to the expert, there is water for all.

Cedar Creek Trout

Double Spur Outfitters' Fly Fishing gets you on the best trout waters, period. Our backyard boasts some of the best fly fishing for trout and it’s our mission to give you the best experience. The variety of waters conditions and terrain, coupled with the scenery, will make this a great memory.


          Full Day:    

$400 for one or two people per day

$450 for three people

$500 for four people

          Half Day:  

$300 for one or two people per day

$350 for three people

$400 for four people

What to Expect: 

We will be up and at the water to check things over well before your meeting time to make certain that we have all of the necessary supplies. For half day trips we will provide beverages and snacks for on the water, and for full day trips we will provide a bagged lunch to eat on the water.  We will meet you at the pavilion at the time agreed upon, go over the day's plan, check gear, and finally head off to the water. 

Length of trip, fishing style, success rate, and weather will all determine how fast we fish and what sections we fish.  The trip is designed with you in mind - our guides will get you where you need to be and give you the tools necessary for success. If you want to stop for pictures - do so.  If you want to stop and watch the fish feed - do so.  The day  and trip are yours, enjoy every moment of it.

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Recommended Gear:

- Hip or chest waders

- 3 or 4 weight, 7-9 feet long fly rods

- 7.5-9 feet 4X or 5X leaders

- Assortment of dry flies and nymphs depending on time of year you will be fishing

- VA Freshwater Fishing License - Can be purchased by clicking here

Special Requests:

If you have a special request, or a question about a possible group discount, please call Greg at 703-399-4009 and possible arrangements can be made.